otrdiena, 2019. gada 11. jūnijs

Hiking with a baby- easy hikes in Cape Town

I keep saying that kids should not stop parents from doing what they enjoy. Now I have to live up to what I say.
Hiking with a baby in Cape Town

Our baby is now just over 4 months old and about 7kg in weight. I enjoy hiking, ever since my husband took me for the first hike in 2004. Obviously it is harder to do when a baby is involved (inside the tummy or outside).

The last pregnant hike I did was Lions head end of October 2018 and Mila was born at the end of January, 2019. Now I think back and think that I was mad to do that, but at the time it did not feel like it.

I had a hiking break for a few months as I was in Latvia, where my daughter was born and stayed there for a few months. Latvia is a flat country, but I still enjoyed the beautiful winter walks there.

We returned to Cape Town in the beginning of May and have gone on 3 hikes so far with my hiking baby😊

1.Constantia neck
2. Kalk Bay
3. Chapman's Peak

They are all fairly easy hikes (besides coming down Baileys kloof in Kalk Bay- not suggested), 2-3 hours. Mila seems to like hiking as scenary changes all the time. Driving to and from the hike seems to be more difficult than the hike itself. Most babies like driving in the car. I would usually feed her before the hike and then about 2 hours later again. I use a sling scarf to carry her, but at times just carry her on my arm, when she wants to see more and put her back in when she falls a sleep.